Third Weekly State of the Initiative Address

Hello Group! It is once again Saturday and we’ve just completed our third week in existence. Next week will be almost a full month! One month old and we’re already doing far more than holding our head up!

So . . .here is the Third Weekly State of the Initiative Address.

First off, with the approaching holidays, people taking vacations, and other of life’s important events become more commonplace, the work here, very naturally and in my opinion, WELCOMELY has slowed slightly. I just got off the phone with another ally who has experience setting up non-profits and he reminded me that setting a pace is important as burnout is a very real blockaid for any long term project. So in the spirit of the times . . . HAPPY HOLIDAYS and I hope you and yours are doing well. Relax! Enjoy the times you have with those most important to you. Remember that time is really all we have in this life. It is the sole asset given to each and every human. Time. Spend it wisely.

Now that aside, this week the group of “doers” has coalesced nicely. We are set up now using a website called “Slack” which is helping to organize this movement. A tremendous amount of research and discussion was done. Special Thanks this week to Joshua Leasure, and Jeff Gran who have done a HUGE amount of study, finding new ideas, researching past applications of RCV, and basically mapping out the intellectual territory in which we all now find ourselves. There have been many new ideas presented and discussed about how exactly we want to write up this initiative to set it upon the best course for success.

Also two articles were written and submitted to local newspaper editors for publication. Time will tell if they are accepted and printed but we will continue to walk down that path and spread knowledge of RCV and this group’s attempt to free up our voting methods from the old FFTP standby we’ve been stuck with for 240 years.

The group of Doers has our first meeting coming up in 8 days so if you want to be part of that please let me know. You can just comment below and I will send you a Private FB message. Remember to check your “other folder” as I am not “friends” with many of you and facebook will filter my message as spam.

Hopefully the week to come will bring more research, more articles, and perhaps get us set up as a 501 (c)(4). As always, AWARENESS is our biggest foe. There are a lot of people out and about who would be supporters if only they could hear about us. Outreach is the name of our game. So, if you believe that RCV is a better system and you think we should have it here in Colorado . . .it really is up to you to be the feet of this group. We can’t move anywhere, out or up, without our feet going places. So go places. Pick just one person you know and bring up RCV. “That RCV group had an interesting article the other day . . . ” Let THEM ask you, “RCV? What does that mean?” Then just show them the group on your phone or computer. It could easily be a 3 minute talk, but it might make them aware of our existence. Remember we have a very high hurdle to overcome. 135,000 signatures spread out all over Colorado. We need people to be aware of us, and we need you to speak to them to make them aware. So just one person this week. Anyone you like.

Be well all! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS again! Spend your time well.