First MONTHLY State of the Initiative Address (Week 4)

Hello to you all and THANK you for being part of this group.  Welcome to all the new members!  We continue to grow simply by word of mouth and it is wonderful to see happening.  Each time you share a post, or mention this group, or speak with a friend, you present a chance for us to grow stronger.  So thank you all for your continued engagement and keeping the conversation going.  On a personal note, we are deep into the holidays at my house.  I think my cookie calorie intake meter was mysteriously lost recently but I’m sure I’ll find it again somewhere around February.  So of course things tend to slow down in other areas of life, so this post may seem a little shorter but rest assured big things are happening.

So over the past week or so, we took two fairly big steps forward.  First off we have connected with two other parties who are in favor of doing away with the First Past the Post system(FPTP), The Libertarian Party of Colorado and the League of Women Voters Boulder.  We are SO THRILLED to be finding so many other like minded folks out there who recognize that the FPTP system simply isn’t working for this country or this state and we are looking forward to the possibility of setting up booths at events, talks, and joining them to spread awareness that there are alternatives to what we currently have.

Second, your group “doers” all sat down together on Sunday and had, what I believe was an OUTSTANDING conversation.  Each person participated actively, brought good thoughts with them, challenged incorrect ideas, and collectively we engaged in a plethora of productive ideas.  We have about a full half page of goals and “to do” items which we are collectively working with and we will be meeting again shortly.  We will also spent about 90 minutes discussing and very specifically analyzing what it is we want to bring.  We are in the process of honing our more vague ideas into precision concepts and will be shortly putting them into words and language from which we can begin to write our initiative.  We expect to have this process complete by early January and turn our attention full time to writing and outreach.

As of my writing this piece, we have 111 members on the facebook group, and a handful more who are signed up through the website.  I am not sure of the cross over but our membership is up about 20% in just the last week overall.  I can not TELL you what that means to me personally.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Keep up the conversation everyone.  Pick just one friend this week, and if you find an opportunity bring up our group and our ideas.  Still so many people do now know about the existence of other voting methods besides FPTP.  We need to change this.  Our success as a group depends on people being informed and engaged.  Knowledge is power.  So this week, go share and spread your knowledge.

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