State of the Initiative #5

State of the Initiative Address #5

Hello everyone and I genuinely hope your holidays were joyful and bright.  Mine were amazing and spent with family and friends.  Despite the holidays, a great deal of work was actually done by your “doer” group and I am excited to bring you all up to speed.

First, we continue to make contacts with like minded folks all over Colorado and Denver.  The League of Women Voters Boulder has linked us to their website,  and we have started talking about events our group can do along side theirs in January and February.  We will OF COURSE be posting about these meetings as they come to fruition.  The Libertarian Party of Colorado has invited us to join them at one such event in March:  (Apologies, I am not technically savvy enough to know how to hyperlink anything)

There is a good chance we will actually be invited on stage to debate with individuals who prefer other voting methods such as Approval Voting during this convention so I highly advise you consider attending if possible.

Another very exciting occurrence for us, we were given the privilege to meet with Representative Jonathan Singer (House District 11) this past week.  He blessed us with a couple hours of time and it was time well spent.   I can honestly say that he is as kind, open, intelligent, and helpful as his reputation bears out.   It was joyful to speak with him.  He and I reached a lot of common ground in just 2 hours of discussion.  We spoke at length about AV and IRV, as well as the work he has done for the past 3 years promoting AV system bill much like the one that passed in 2008 under Kefalas.  We have also sent an e-mail to Sen. Kefalas asking for a similar meeting and hope to hear back soon.  As always you will of course be kept informed.

Lastly your doers will be meeting again on the 7th.  The League of Women Voters may be sending a representative to that meeting depending on their schedules.  Our last meeting was AMAZING and very productive and I am hopeful this one will be as well.

As always, if you want to be more informed . . .or more involved, either way, just comment or send me a PM and you will be given the time/location of the meeting so you can join the doers, or just come and watch us talk.  I bet you’d be impressed at the group we have been growing.  There are amazing men and women there who have brought their strong, honest, informed thoughts and facts with them and together we are working very well to bring about as much change as we can.

And finally, my standard conclusion, we need as many people to join us as possible.  Pick just one person somewhere in your world, and speak to them about this group and what we are trying to do.  Numbers are our key.  Without them .  .. well let’s face it, I don’t have millions to buy the influence we’d need to make these changes.  Other’s do.  So we need people instead.  Just find one person, talk to them, and see if they would be interested in joining up as a face in the crowd.

Thank you all!  I hope 2017 treats you all well and let us continue to move forward!


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