RCV for Colorado

Month: January 2017

#6 State of the Initative

Hello fellow RCV supporters!


It has been a couple weeks since the last update, and that is because we’re entering a time where the initial set up tasks are settling down and we are finding a rhythm.  But that isn’t to say we’ve been idle at all!


Last week, your “doers” all met and had a full and lengthy conversation before taking a vote on exactly which Ranked Choice version we wanted to follow.  There were representatives there from Approval Voting led by the kind hearted Frank Atwood and Blake Huber, as well Celeste Landry and Diana Haskell from the League of Women Voters Boulder.  The conversation was led and moderated by Mr. Tim Murray who is an activist in his own right supporting several different causes.  We discussed several voting methods including Approval Voting, Instant Runoff Voting (RCV), and Score Voting.  Each method has strengths and weaknesses so the conversation was quite lively and yet still very respectful and organized.  At the end of the day we voted on which method to fully support by using all 3 methods.  IRV and Approval both selected IRV as the winner (Which ultimately was the decision), and the Score voting method indicated a 0.2+ preference for Approval Voting.  It was a very interesting outcome.


In the past week, our focus has been on an upcoming event which I get to tell you all about now as the details are finally being solidified.  The League of Women Voters Boulder County is hosting Mr. Rob Richie, leader of Fairvote, a nationwide organization which was instrumental in helping Maine be the first to break away from the plurality voting system First Past the Post, and introduce IRV/RCV to the US on a state level.  This passed in 2016, so we will be able to see it used in action in 2018 which should be very exciting.  I’m sure there will be tremendous media focus on that particular election despite it being an “off year”.


We would like to personally invite everyone here to the meeting with Rob Richie and the League of Women Voters Boulder County.  You are part of this group because obviously you care about fair methods for voting, and you may have concerns about our current system.  Rob has stated he will be speaking with his, “focus [being] on what [he] see as real, viable ways  of improving our elections, with a feature on ranked choice in both single winner and multi-winner varieties.”


We have confirmed a venue for February 2 at the Lafayette Library.  Moreover the library is willing to co-sponsor, so there will be no charge for the meeting room.  Unfortunately, the library closes at 8:00 so we have shifted the time to 6:00-7:45.  RCV for Colorado has been given the honor of being “co-host” for this event, and over the next two weeks we will be working directly with LWV Boulder County to bring about a smooth, informative, and hopefully very interesting meeting of the minds.  I personally encourage all of you to consider attending.  The meeting will be fairly short, and fast paced, but I am certain there will be time for questions and answers from Rob, as well as myself, the “doers”, and the LWV.  So if you have a genuine interest in voting reform, and can spare 2 hours on Thursday evening, this is a rare opportunity for all of us.


Now as for our group specifically, we are doing some housekeeping currently.  First, here are the minutes from our last meeting courtesy of Aicila Lewis.

2017 0107 RCV meeting at Standley Library, started at 12:20pm



RCV Doers- Chris Billman, Blake, Anthony, Jeff Gran, Melissa, John Tweedy, Joshua, Lynn Billman, Susan, Linda, James Reyes, Aicila Lewis


Observers- Frank Atwood, Van, Tim Murray (facilitator), Dan Winterhalter, Diana Haskell, John Hardie, Celeste


Presented on 3 different systems using group approved criteria.

IRV- Chris

AV- Joshua

Score/Range- Celeste


Celeste and Diana were from the League of Women Voters and they brought sample ballots and issues with each system that were very helpful. (more details here: http://www.lwvbc.org/vmcomm.html)


Voted on the 3 systems after questions and answers, using all 3 systems of voting. Results were as below, with IRV winning in 2 of the systems.


League of Women Voters Boulder asked us to co-sponsor the upcoming event with Rob Ritchie, Executive Director of FairVote.org, on Feb. 2 at the Lafayette Public Library.


Closed at 2:20pm.

Currently, our main focus is on obtaining our 501 status, and assisting with the upcoming meeting in conjunction with LWV.  If you are interested in becoming more active, all you have to do is send us an e-mail at RCVinfo@rcvfor.co or post a message on the FB page and we’ll immediately add you to the “doers” crowd.  You’ll be hands on at the front of the conversation and have a say in which direction we go next.
Furthermore we received a nice mention and shout out from Fairvote!  They linked our group in one of their mass e-mails to their supporters so word is spreading far and wide.  If you have not yet checked out their website you can reach it at www.fairvote.org    We should build upon this and keep the push going.  There are many folks out there who simply do not know about voting reform or why it is important.  Remember it is up to you to talk with them.  Your “Doers” can’t do it all.  We need you to be a voice, and just . . talk.  Mention our group and what we are doing.  And again, thank you all for caring.  There must be a change.  The status quo no longer serves the citizens.  It is time to move on.


I hope you all are well, healthy, and so far 2017 is treating you with the joy and dignity you deserve.