Update 2-5-2017

Hello everyone!

This is being written as just a quick update to keep everyone posted as to what is moving and shaking in the RCV group.  Since Mid January and our last state of the initiative, we’ve been focused on working with the League of Women Voters Boulder County as they brought Rob Richie to Colorado to give a presentation on RCV and to touch upon other voting systems.  The meeting had a good attendance, with folks filling the room and occupying almost every seat plus standing in the back.  If you’d like to watch, there was a facebook live video taken during the event which can be found either on our facebook page,  (https://www.facebook.com/groups/STVforColorado )   or on the page  for the League (https://www.facebook.com/lwvbc.org/videos/1292777887477089/)

With this meeting behind us, our group is going to start to focus on obtaining our official state status, as well as continuing to spread awareness of RCV in general.  There will be a meeting, likely online conference and discussion, soon where your doers will hammer out a plan to move forward smartly.

A couple notes:

There is a second meeting being put on by the League of Women Voters Boulder County on Feb 21 at 6PM which will focus on Approval voting methods.  You can check their Facebook page for updates on that as it draws near and we’ll likely be sending out a reminder.

There is the possibility that our group may have a presence at the Liberty Conference for the Libertarian Party of Colorado March 24 thru the 26th.  We will keep you posted on that as it approaches.

The website will have a couple pages up in the next week or so talking about RCV around the country, some information about the inner workings of RCV vs various other methods of voting, and other tid bits of information.  We will talk more about those when they are fully implemented.

And as always . . . awareness starts with you all.  Find 1 friend.  See if they would be interested in joining the cause!  Have a great week everyone!