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Volunteer with us. We are a volunteer-driven organization. If you have a passion for giving people greater voice in our elections, we need your help. Sign up to make a difference.

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Donate. You can use the link above — or if you need a tax-exempt donation receipt, you can make a donation to the RCV for Colorado Education Fund.

Be a RCV champion in your town. The best way to move RCV forward in Colorado is for cities and towns to use it in their local elections. It can be adopted either by your city council or via a citizen-led initiative. If you want RCV in your town, we can help you with talking points, strategy, ballot language, etc.

Hold a mock RCV election. Educating folks on how easy RCV can be is vital to our success. Holding a mock election is a great educational tool. Beer elections are a popular choice, so if you have connections with a local brewery, that would be a great place to start. You could also host a mock election using cookies, ice cream, etc in a public location like a library room or in your home. We have the materials and instructions to help you organize an event.

Invite RCV for CO to speak to your group. Just let us know where and when and we’ll do our best to have someone there! Our standard presentation is about 15-20 minutes long without a mock election, closer to 45 minutes with a mock election depending on the number of people.

Other ideas welcomed. If you have other ideas on how to advance the adoption of RCV in Colorado, contact us directly.

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