Ranked Choice Voting will save the City of Pueblo around $100,000 each time we do not have to hold a runoff election.

Both the Pueblo League of Women Voters and the Pueblo County Clerk support using RCV like the city of Santa Fe did in March. Check out the study posted on our information page.

If you live in Pueblo and have not already signed the petition, please visit the RCV for Pueblo Facebook page to find where our petition circulators will be. …or come to our next Pueblo meeting listed on our events page.

We have until November 22 to collect 3,000 petition signatures to get on the January 22, 2019 ballot.

Want to help? We need:

  • people to canvass and make phone calls
  • groups where we can hold just-for-fun elections
  • donations of any size

Although Telluride has already used RCV twice – Pueblo would be the first major Colorado city to use it.

Thank you for helping to make history!