Ranked Choice Voting – the short version

What is it?

Ranked Choice Voting is a method by which a single person’s vote can be transferred between candidates based on the voter’s preference.  RCV allows a single voter to rank their preferred candidates.  Then if their first choice is removed from the race, the vote automatically moves to their second choice.

Benefits over the current system:

  • RCV causes far fewer “thrown away” votes.
  • There is no fear in voting for the “wrong” person.
  • RCV opens the door for new ideas, both third parties AND multiple candidates from the same party.
  • RCV eliminates any third person becoming a “spoiler” in elections.
  • RCV helps combat corruption of the system like gerrymandering.
  • RCV will bring more balance and better representation.
  • The election process is based on just TWO very simple math equations, not a bunch of delegates, superdelegates, electors, and other corrupt party insiders doing your voting for you.
  • RCV is just you, and your vote.  Simple and corruption free.
  • RCV can be a stepping stone for national change.
  • RCV helps divide powers in the government, thus aiding in the fight against corruption
  • RCV is easier to understand than our current process.


  • People need to learn they actually have freedom of choice again.  This may cause an adjustment period.
  • New machine programming needs to be written
  • Those currently with a great deal of power, especially those who achieved their power through corruption will fight against us.