Benefits of Ranked Choice Voting

More Fair

  • The tally finds the consensus of a majority - proving that the winner earned it.
  • Voters freely and securely vote their values without fear of wasting their vote on a long-shot.

More Choice

  • A greater variety of candidates can get in the race without skewing the results.
  • More viewpoints are available to voters.
  • More people of color and women run and win in proportion to their share of the population.

More Power

  • Successful campaigns have to focus on the issues because they could need second-choice votes to build their win.
  • Mud-slinging is reduced.
  • Voters gain more power because it is more clear what the policy options are.

Saves Money

RCV can be used to replace top-two runoffs, because it also finds the consensus of a majority. It saves money because it is one-and-done.
  • Pueblo would save $135,000+
  • Colorado Springs would save $550,000+
  • Denver would save $1,200,000+


Is Ranked Choice Voting easy?

YES. 85-95% of voters say it is either "easy" or "very easy."

Is Ranked Choice Voting one vote per person?

YES. The courts have determined that it is for over 100 years.


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