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RCV for Colorado asks Governor Polis to Veto Obstacle to RCV


Voting rights groups urge Polis to veto Senate Bill 210 | News

1 day ago


Breaking down some of November's top ballot issues in Colorado

(9/04/23 Next - 9 News)

Boulder will have one of Colorado’s first ranked-choice elections this November

(8/24/2023 Colorado Public Radio)

Denver’s election is over. Now debate begins about how the next one should look.

(6/14/2023 Colorado Sun)

Denver’s runoff election could be its last, as ranked choice voting gains support

(6/06/2023 Denver 7)

Ranked-Choice Voting Would Eliminate Denver Mayoral Runoffs

(4/16/2023 Governing)

Denver Ranked-Choice Voting Advocates Striking While Iron Is Hot

(4/06/2023 Westword)

With Denver headed to a runoff election, let's look at ranked-choice voting

(4/06/2023 Next - 9 News)

Discussion Ignites surrounding RCV in Colorado

(4/06/2023 News 4)

Colorado group calls for ranked choice voting in future elections

(4/05/2023 7 News)

Ranked choice voting system: how does it work and could it prevent runoffs in the future?

(4/05/2023 News 5 KOAA)

Like more than one candidate? Fort Collins could be the latest Colorado city to adopt RCV.

(02/06/2022 The Colorado Sun)


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