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#2 Weekly State of the Initiative Address

Hello again everyone! It is time for our second weekly State of the Initiative Address. . . and to catch everyone up on what all happened this week.
It has been another busy week. First and foremost, thank you all for what you do. We’ve set up a group of “doers” who are people willing to dedicate just a little bit of time to some project or another having to do with RCV. Some are handing out pamphlets, some are working on the website, some are working on the finances, setting up the non-profit status, editing papers, writing papers, networking with other organizations, designing handouts, and loads of other things I’m sure I’ve forgotten. Some are dedicating hours upon hours, others a few minutes at a time, and it is all adding up fast as you will see in a moment.
First a couple of housekeeping things.
1) The Website is up and running. It has a mailing list attached to it where we will be sending out this weekly update, as well as any other important info. It will also be used in conjunction with this site to notify people when the “GO” moment has arrived and we need the masses to meet us and sign. So if your facebook feed is being exploded by this site, and you’d rather it not, then by all means sign up on the website instead. I do not wish in any way for this page to be a nuisance for anyone.
2) Our numbers went up again from last week to now. We are at 80 members on this page. 🙂 YAY! Just remember, if you are willing to talk to just one person SOMEWHERE in Colorado and have them join us in the next week, either here or the website, we can double our numbers. We also have a few subscribers on the webpage. If everyone makes just ONE person aware of RCV by next week, I’m sure we will cross the 100 mark for people who have joined.
Remember, awareness is the biggest issue we face with this endeavor. So many people have never heard of RCV, and once it is explained to them, a large number of them agree it is a much better system than our current First Past the Post. The masses just need to be informed. So tell someone new this week about this group and hopefully they will join.
So what all happened this week?
Well for starters . . . we are OFFICIAL. As of last night Aicila and I registered our group with the Secretary of State. The Committee Registration form was completed, and we are officially a Small Scale Issue Committee. More information on that as it becomes available but in short this is the first step towards our initiative, our non-profit status, and future financing options.
Next, we are in contact with Fairvote.org, a nationwide organization which was instrumental in helping Maine with their initiative. I received a reply email from two of their members, and they are on board for meeting us next week and seeing how they can help.
With that we are also in contact with several individual members who are associated with the fairvote movement, and they are already actively helping us with documents, and papers, as well as networking. One of our Doers, Melissa is actively working on a paper which we hope will gain the attention of The Denver Post, The Daily Camera, and other such publications. In 2011, Ft. Collins ran a campaign to bring a similar system to their city and at that time the Denver Post ran a few articles in favor of the change. We are hoping to duplicate this action this year. For example:
Next, we are up to three Colorado Congress people with whom we either have reached out, or we have heard back from, and all of whom are sympathetic to our thinking. One of them is already putting forth a bill in Colorado Congress to help make it easier for municipalities to use RCV if they desire. Hopefully they will want to help us in our endeavors as well. One meeting is set for late January, and two others we are in the initial stages.
Next we have set up a meeting with the “doers” which is schedule for the 18th from noon until 230 where we will get to meet, and talk about what is happening with the group, what needs to be done, and where we are going from here. If you would like to join us, just let me know and I will send you the location.
And lastly, we have reached out to someone (an attorney) who has experience working with non-profits and they have said they would be excited to chat with us and see how they can help us progress.
So all in all, it was another big week with lots being accomplished. Thank you ALL for being part of this. It is a massive undertaking, and yet it is really starting to look doable.
Again the biggest thing we need from EVERYONE right now, is spreading awareness. By my estimate well more than 9 out of 10 people I talk to have never heard of RCV. If they have never heard of it, they surely can’t support it. And our plan relies on large numbers of people coming to us when it is time to collect those 135,000 signatures. So please if you could just talk to one person this week, and make them aware . . .share our website . . . and share the facebook group, that will hopefully start a cascade effect. One becomes two. Two becomes four. Four becomes four thousand . . .
Be well all!

We are not alone!

Hello ALL!

So as our numbers slowly grow, we have become aware of an article written by the Washington post which discusses voter unhappiness across the Nation.  Multiple states are pushing ballot initiatives trying to fix our very broken system.  It is a good feeling to know we are not alone.  It is going to be a monumental task but in the end, it will be worth the effort.

Here is a link to the Washington Post article for those who are interested.